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Hi, I AM LaTanya

Diversity Consultant & Strategist.

Certified Executive & Leadership Coach. Space Creator & Facilitator.


I am the Founder of The Red Brick Road.

The Red Brick Road is more than a name, a consultancy, or a coaching practice. It is a grounding place, a literal marker, and an ode to my foundation where I have spent my formative years in St. Louis, MO. The Red Brick Road is where I learned about identity, resilience, hustle, creative maneuvering, and what it means to be in community with others.  It represents my history, my path, my journey.

The Red Brick Road also symbolizes charting one’s course and forging ahead to explore opportunities and possibilities for greater success. I have been able to achieve many of my desired goals and surpass personal and professional aspirations beyond my imagination. It is due, in part, to those who have coached, mentored, and advised me along my journeys --- whether to advance a mission, enhance a program, or help develop my leadership skills. For that, I am deeply grateful and inspired to pay it forward.

This has all led me here to YOU… to be of service!

Click here to learn more about my approach, background, and experiences

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